Prime Meridian Direct

  • Managing the project teams that are all linked to the design and development of E-Learning.
  • Recording and editing of monthly video based newsletters for the company.
  • Analyse skills of current and new employees and identifying skills gaps.
  • Designing the interactive learning material to world class standards.
  • Editing videos and recording sound for that added layer of interactive learning.
  • Installing of Moodle onto a functional server.
  • Managing the LMS and making sure that all grades are recorded and that all the content is aligned with company requirements.
  • I ensure all LMS functions are running as they should and give support where needed.
  • Accountable for maintenance, research, development and quality control of material to meet the defined standards.
  • Continually assess relevance and appropriateness of learning modules contained in curriculum and confirm their alignment with business goals.
  • Meet with subject matter experts to ensure all learning material is aligned.

Past Experience:

1 January 2014- 30 June 2016

ENJO Consultants

Training Manager

  • At ENJO consultants it was my role to Facilitate, Assess, and Moderate the majority of learning skills they have to offer, this included Design and Development of learning Materials, Skills Development Facilitator, Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator, Coaching and Mentoring, and all the End User Computing related qualifications.
  • It was my duty to design learning materials based on unit standards, the latest I have designed and developed was End User Computing Unit Standard 61591/49077 which consists of 51 different unit standards and the learning material I designed and so far have been accredited by three different training providers as ENJO consultants also sell learning material.
  • Part of my job was to delegate training and help arrange training sessions to take place.
  • I also had the responsibility to help learners identify their skills gap and give them guidance.

Ad-Hoc: (Due to the nature of my work at ENJO I was able to offer my services on a freelance basis.)

  • I created E-Learning and deployed Learner Management Systems such as Moodle for clients.
  • I freelanced as a Facilitator, Assessor, and Moderator for various external companies within the MICT and ETDP SETA industries.
  • I am registered as a Moderator at ETDP SETA and I am accredited to Moderate all Unit Standards under ETDP Seta.
  • I engaged in Skills Development Practices within organisations and can complete the Workplace Skills Plan as required.
  • Some of my clients required websites, logos, and business cards and it was part of my duty to assist them with this.

Reason for Leaving:

ENJO Consultants is a great Training company, however there are some months that the company does not make money and the owner then is not able to draw a salary. The owner and myself came to an agreement that I start working for them on a freelance basis to help him out and that he wouldn’t have to pay a full salary to me on difficult months.

1 August 2012 – 31 December 2013


IT Systems Manager

  • At BSC it was my role to be the IT Systems Manager.
  • I had to manage the respective team who conducted the research and also helped manage the deployed teams used for surveys.
  • I was in charge of the surveys database and setting up of it.
  • I was also actively involved in the design of the surveys and participated in doing the surveys for companies especially those where we had to measure job satisfaction.
  • I was involved with many of the other design aspects such as the web design, business card design, and brochures.
  • Here I also managed the helpdesk support system and at a stage we tried to implement Security Systems to try and help the company grow into new ventures.
  • My job was also to be engaged with the customers and ensure there was satisfaction between services provided and services requested.

Reason for Leaving:

BSC is a great Survey company owned by a family friend and offer in-house surveys and other methods of surveys for various companies. I learned so much for working for them but did feel very limited in my growth as it is a very small company of 3 staff members. In this time, I was also doing freelance training and development after hours and felt that I need to focus my career more on the educational and educational development field.

1 August 2011-31 July 2012

Vox Datapro

Tier 2 Engineer

  • At Vox it was my job to be engaged with customer support and sort out problems that may arise regarding network and Internet Service related issues.
  • It was part of my responsibility to help users set up their firewalls and emails on different systems.
  • Just before leaving this job for new ventures I had been promoted to Team Manager.

Reason for Leaving:

Vox is a strong well developed company and in my opinion one of the best internet service provider companies. I took on this opportunity because the previous company I was working for (Brolaz) was busy collapsing and letting people go. Vox took me in immediately and made me feel at home and was a great stepping stone into my further career development. Through some of the skills I have gained here I was then approached by BSC for a career with them.

12 January 2008-30 July 2011


IT Administrator

  • It was my job at Brolaz to be the IT Administrator.
  • Part of my duties was to maintain the servers and the user of the company.
  • I also had to exchange server maintenance and created user and mailboxes for them.
  • I also had to do support for AutoCAD, Photoshop and other various software that was used within the company.
  • I helped to manage the helpdesk and offered user support where it was needed.

Reason for Leaving:

Brolaz is an amazing company and was a leader in the industry when it came to radar development. Sadly, the company went through difficult time as competition was strong and service cost for the competition was much more attractive to the customers. The company eventually closed down last year 2015

30 September 2007 – 8 January 2008

CHK Technologies

Basic Sales and Repairs

  • Part of my job was to provide customer care for all the walk in customers.
  • I had to help with sales in the shop and do basic admin after the day of work.
  • For most of it I had to do basic computer repairs.
  • I had some opportunities to install networks for some of the clients.

Reason for Leaving:

I was presented with a very big opportunity to go and work with the team at Brolaz Projects.

1 December 2006 – 29 August 2007

Test and Data Services

IT Administrator

  • Repairs of basic operating systems.
  • Handling basic server issues.
  • Working with customers.
  • Troubleshooting various computer and server issues.